After a short hiatus Darren, Jack, Matt, Neil and Tom are back writing music and booking gigs.

Empire Affair Sparks in the Dark EP

Sparks in the dark ep

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Empire Affair Forget and Ride On

Forget & Ride On

Remixes, Rarities & Live (2018)
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One Night in Munich


Don’t Let Me Down

DNA Code

Rewind the clocks documentary (2018)

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02.May.21 – Teddy Rocks Festival – Details

After a handful of gigs in late 2019, following a short hiatus, Empire Affair are set to return in 2020 and pick up where they left off.

Empire Affair was formed in 2011 and spent 4 years headlining festivals and touring up and down the country and into Europe with highlights including 2 headline tours of Croatia, selling out Mr Kyps in Poole numerous times, supporting The Hoosiers, headlining at the prestigious Dublin Castle in Camden, London and being hand-picked to play at Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds official after show party immediately after Noel and co played the o2.

Neil Tallant (vocals)
Jack Woolston (guitar)
Matt Park (guitar and synth)
Tom Parrett (bass)
Darren Sheppard (drums)

Gig Archive

23.Nov.19 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth (Oxjam)
16.Nov.19 The Anvil, Bournemouth
08.Nov.19 Old Firestation, Bournemouth
20.Dec.18 Blue Boar, Poole
14.Apr.17 Mr Kyps, Poole (Rewind the Clocks)
20.Jun.15 HenFest, Wimborne
15.May.15 Chaplins Cellar Bar, Bournemouth
09.May.15 Poole Harbour Boat Show, Poole
25.Apr.15 Dublin Castle, London
10.Apr.15 The Athelstan, Bournemouth
13.Mar.15 Mr Kyps, Poole
10.Mar.15 The Scala, London (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Aftershow Party)
05.Mar.15 The Railway, Winchester
19.Dec.14 The Athelstan, Bournemouth
06.Dec.14 Dublin Castle, London
21.Nov.14 The King Charles, Poole
15.Nov.14 The Square, Bournemouth
08.Nov.14 The Workshop, Shoreditch, London
24.Oct.14 The Athelstan, Bournemouth
18.Oct.14 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth
11.Oct.14 Amersham Arms, London (with ‘Frankie and the Heartstrings‘)
05.Sep.14 The Winchester, Bournemouth
09.Aug.14 The Winchester, Bournemouth
08.Aug.14 The Athelstan, Bournemouth
03.Jun.14 Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, Croatia
31.May.14 Regenerator, Zabok, Croatia
30.May.14 Podroom, Čakovec, Croatia
24.May.14 Bournemouth 7s Festival
11.Apr.14 The Athelstan, Bournemouth
05.Apr.14 King Charles, Poole
07.Mar.14 Mr. Kyps, Poole
31.Dec.13 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
15.Nov.13 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
11.Oct.13 The Anvil, Bournemouth
26.Sep.13 The Antelope, Poole
21.Sep.13 Ringwood festival
20.Sep.13 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
07.Sep.13 Party in the Park, Parkstone
31.Aug.13 Dublin Castle, London
30.Aug.13 Mr. Kyps, Poole
23.Aug.13 Mr. Kyps, Poole (with ‘The Hoosiers‘)
03.Aug.13 The Anvil, Bournemouth
26.Jul.13 The Antelope, Poole
20.Jul.13 Embassy Voodoo Vault, London
05.Jul.13 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
29.Jun.13 The Cellar Bar, Bournemouth
09.Jun.13 Litten Tree, Bournemouth
31.May.13 The Antelope, Poole
25/26.May.13 Bournemouth7s Festival
21.May.13 The Anvil, Bournemouth
04.May.13 o2 Academy, Bournemouth
20.Apr.13 King Charles, Poole
13.Apr.13 Dublin Castle, London
12.Apr.13 Smoking Aces, Bournemouth (Acoustic Show)
30.Mar.13 Mr Kyps, Poole
23.Mar.13 On The Rocks, Bournemouth
01.Mar.13 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
23.Feb.13 King Charles, Poole
25.Jan.13 King Charles, Poole
19.Jan.13 Dublin Castle, London
12.Jan.13 The Railway, Winchester
07.Dec.12 Mr Kyps, Poole
05.Dec.12 The Garage, London
01.Dec.12 MKC, Zupanja, Croatia
30.Nov.12 Podroom, Cakovec, Croatia
29.Nov.12 Hard Place, Zagreb, Croatia
09.Nov.12 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
19.Oct.12 On The Rocks, Bournemouth
12.Oct.12 The Antelope, Poole
29.Sep.12 Mr Kyps, Poole
22.Sep.12 Monto Water Rats, London
11.Sep.12 Joiners, Southampton
02.Sep.12 Ashley Cross, Parkstone – Party in the Park
24.Aug.12 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
10.Aug.12 The Antelope, Poole
04.Aug.12 Dublin Castle, London
27.Jul.12 The Talbot, Winton, Bournemouth
20.Jul.12 Mr Kyps, Poole (with ‘The Hoosiers‘)
14.Jul.12 Ringwood Festival
30.Jun.12 Dublin Castle, London
22.Jun.12 The Antelope, Poole
17.Jun.12 The Joiners, Southampton
15.Jun.12 The Railway, Winchester
08.Jun.12 The Talbot, Winton, Bournemouth
03.Jun.12 The Antelope, Poole
11.May.12 The Antelope, Poole
05.May.12 o2 Academy, Bournemouth
21.Apr.12 End to End Sessions, Ringwood
14.Apr.12 Dublin Castle, London
13.Apr.12 Bandwave, New Milton Memorial Hall
05.Apr.12 Music Box, Salisbury
30.Mar.12 The Talbot, Winton, Bournemouth
29.Mar.12 The Hogs Head, Westbourne, Bournemouth
23.Mar.12 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
22.Mar.12 Cellar Bar, Boscombe
09.Mar.12 The Swan, Wantage, Oxford
01.Mar.12 Mr Kyps, Poole
18.Feb.12 The Winchester, Bournemouth
17.Feb.12 The Railway, Winchester
29.Jan.12 The Joiners, Southampton
28.Jan.12 The Winchester, Bournemouth
22.Jan.12 Centre Stage, Bournemouth
21.Jan.12 Dublin Castle, London
02.Dec.11 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
29.Nov.11 On the Rocks, Bournemouth
19.Nov.11 Hope and Anchor, London
28.Oct.11 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
22.Oct.11 Champions, Bournemouth
08.Oct.11 o2 Academy, Bournemouth
27.Aug.11 On The Rocks, Bournemouth
26.Aug.11 Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
25.Aug.11 Walkabout, Bournemouth
11.Aug.11 Champions, Bournemouth (With ‘The Rimes‘)
07.Aug.11 Dublin Castle, London
29.Jul.11 Rowing Club, Bournemouth
15.Jul.11 The Winchester, Bournemouth
12.Jul.11 Joiners, Southampton (With ‘All the Young‘)
03.Jun.11 Athestan Arms, Bournemouth
13.May.11 iBar, Bournemouth (With ‘Young Rebel Set‘)
26.Apr.11 Cellar Bar, Bournemouth
16.Apr.11 The Winchester, Bournemouth